Interview Room at Children's Cove

Interview room

Children’s Cove provides services to child victims of sexual abuse, severe physical abuse and child witness to domestic violence.

All Children’s Cove services are free of charge.


Services include:

    • A coordinated, multi-disciplinary team response to allegations of child sexual and severe physical abuse
    • A safe and comfortable place for your child to tell about abuse
    • Case management and support services
    • Victim advocacy services
    • Counseling referrals for your child and family
    • Support for non-offending family members
    • Prevention education and outreach in the community
    • On-site emergency and non-emergency forensic medical exams with a Pediatric Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (Pedi SANE Nurse)


Interview room from behind the mirror

Interview observation area

Forensic Interviews

Coordinates and conducts a child friendly, non-leading, forensically sound interview of child victims.

Medical exam room

Medical exam room

Counseling Referrals

Provides support and referrals for counseling for the child victims and their non-offending family members.

Family Advocacy

Provides referrals, support information, and resources to the child and family to include victim compensation and protective orders.

Medical Services

On site emergency and non-emergency forensic medical exams are available to all victims of suspected sexual or severe physical abuse referred to Children’s Cove.

Training and Outreach Services

Provides training and education to the community, partner agencies, schools, camps, and other organizations on recognizing, reporting, responding and preventing child sexual abuse.