Mother comforting daughterYour child should be told ahead of time about visiting Children’s Cove. We believe that your child should know exactly what will happen once they come through our doors.

You can let your child know:

  • They are not in any trouble.
  • It is important that they talk about the truth.
  • It is a safe place and the alleged offender will not be there.
  • They will be talking to someone who talks to kids all the time about keeping kids safe.
  • Explain that you will not be in the interview room with your child, but nearby in a waiting room and you will be there when they are finished.

On the day of the Forensic Interview:

  • You will be greeted by an interviewer who will meet your child (children) and go over any concerns you have before starting.
  • The interviewer will meet one-on-one with your child in the interview room where a team will sit behind a one-way mirror to observe the interview. (Parents/Caregivers are not permitted in the interview/observation area at any time while the child is being interviewed).
  • After the interview, the parent/caregiver will meet with the team to discuss what happened, talk about next steps to be taken, and discuss any referrals that need to be made.

Helpful Thoughts:

  • Please try to schedule the interview during a time when you child is the most attentive and engaged.
  • Please be sure your child is not hungry and minimize sugar intake before coming to the interview.
  • We ask that you try not to bring another child to the interview unless requested by the team specifically to do so.
  • Feel free to bring another supportive adult or someone the child feels comfortable with on the day of the interview.

Remain calm and supportive of your child throughout the process and take care of yourself as well.