Children’s Cove takes referrals from the Department of Children and Families and law enforcement when a child is disclosing sexual abuse or severe physical abuse allegations.

We are also a resource for anyone that contacts us in need of support or direction on where to go, who to contact, or simply to discuss a situation.

The criteria for a referral to Children’s Cove is:

  • Child should be between the ages of 2 to 17 years old, or an adult of any age with developmental disabilities. (Ages 0-17 for any medical referrals)
  • The child has made a disclosure of sexual abuse or severe physical abuse.
  • The alleged abuse must have occurred on the Cape and Islands.


If you suspect abuse, bring your concerns to the attention of the appropriate authorities:

  • Call the MA Department of Children & Families Helpline at 800.792.5200
    or contact your local police department.
  • Feel free to contact Children’s Cove at 508.375.0410 for more information.
  • Ask for help, get support for yourself, and let your child know you are proud of them for talking to you.