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Suggested Reading for Kids

These books are only suggestions.
Parents are strongly encouraged to read each book before deciding to give them to your children.

  • Freeman, L. (1982). “It’s my body.”
    Seattle, WA: Parenting Press, Inc.
  • Girard, L. W., & Pate, R. (2010). “My Body Is Private.”
    Morton Grove, Ill: Prairie Paperbacks, Albert Whitman and Company.
  • Hammerseng, K. M, & Garbot, D. (1995).  “Telling Isn’t Tattling.”
    Seattle, WA: Parenting Press, Inc.
  • Holmes, M. M. (2000). “A Terrible Thing Happened:
    A Story for Children Who Have Witnessed Violence or Trauma.”

    Washington, DC: Magination Press Children’s Books.
  • Johnsen, K., & Forssell, L. (1986).  “The Trouble with Secrets.”
    Seattle, WA: Parenting Press.
  • Kleven, S., & Bergsma, J. (1998). “The Right Touch:
    A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse.”

    Bellevue, WA: Illumination Arts.
  • Ottenweller, J. & Hewitt, S. (1991). “Please Tell! A Child’s Story About Sexual Abuse.”
    Center City, MN: Hazelden Foundation.
  • Schor, H., & Kilpatrick, M. (2002). “A Place for Starr:
    A Story of Hope for Children Experiencing Family Violence.”

    Indianapolis, IN: Kidsrights.
  • Spelman, C. (2000). “Your Body Belongs to You.”
    Morton Grove, IL: Prairie Paperbacks, Albert Whitman and Company.
  • Stauffer, L., & Deblinger, E. (2003). “Let’s Talk About Taking Care Of You:
    An Educational Book About Body Safety.”

    Hatfield, PA: Hope for Families.