Teachers, Therapists, Clergy, Principals, Doctors, Coaches…
Anyone who works or volunteers with children…

If you work with children, you are a MANDATED REPORTER. That means you are legally required to contact the proper authorities if you have reason to believe that a child is being abused (physical/sexual) or neglected. It is imperative that reporting is timely and efficient. If you are unclear of this process, Children’s Cove offers training that can assist you.

Once you report, a highly regulated process begins. The case may be referred to Children’s Cove, depending on its nature. Children’s Cove helps by coordinating the services of all the professionals who are involved. Child sexual abuse is complicated. It can require the work of law enforcement, medical professionals, prosecutors, counselors, advocates, caseworkers, and judges. We provide them a place and a process to work together that’s healing for the child and efficient for the professionals.

When in doubt… report or call Children’s Cove for more information.

To report abuse or neglect, call the DCF Child-at-Risk Hotline anytime of the day or night at 800-792-5200.

Massachusetts Mandated Reporter Law