The mission of Children’s Cove is to provide coordinated and comprehensive multidisciplinary services to child victims of sexual/serious physical abuse and their families.

Our dedicated staff is committed to reducing the trauma endured by child victims, promoting accountability, fostering healing, and advocating on behalf of child victims of sexual abuse and physical abuse.


Stacy Gallagher, Director

Lenny Fontes, Associate Director

Nancy Raymond, Administrative Assistant

Deborah Sorrentino, Nurse Practitioner 

Melanie Sachs, Family Advocate

Jacob Stapledon, Community Education and Outreach Coordinator


Advisory Board

Mary Pat Flynn – Chair 

Sharon Thibeault – Vice Chair

Jaime Curley – Secretary

Brian Glenny

Marta Hansen

Detective Christine Hornby

Lt. Kevin Lennon

Detective Missy Marshall

Betsy Parker

Diane Pratt

Carilyn Rains

Dr. Teri Reid

Dr. Kristen Davies

Dr. Sonia Chaudry


Governance Board

Mary LeClair, President
Tammy Glivinski, Treasurer
Barry Neagle, Secretary
Dave Willard


Stacy Gallagher
Mary Avery Gessner
Nancy Raymond