Teen looking aloneLearn ways to protect yourself and others from danger and abuse.


Suggested Reading for Teens

These books are only suggestions.
Parents are strongly encouraged to read each book before deciding to give them to your children.

  • Carter, W. (2002). “It Happened to Me.”
    New Harbinger Publications
  • Harris, R.H. (1996). “It’s Perfectly Normal.”
    Candlewick Press
  • Mather, C.L. and Debye, K.E. (1994). “How Long Does It Hurt?”
    Jossey-Bass Publishers
  • Mayle, P. (1975). “What’s Happening to Me?”
    Kensington Publishing
  • McGee, K. (2003). “Unmasking Sexual Con Games.”
    Boys Town Press
  • Moles, K. (2001). “The Teen Relationship Workbook.”
    Wellness Reproductions
  • Nelsen, J. and Lott, L. (1990). “I’m On Your Side:
    Resolving Conflict with Your Teenage Son or Daughter.”

    Rocklin, CA: Prima Publishing